February 2016

Tubing 2016
February 18, 2016

Thank you to the parent volunteers who attended and contributed to the success of the Tubing School-Wide Field Trip yesterday. The weather was absolutely beautiful with no wind and brilliant sunshine all day. The snow conditions were nothing less than perfect. The smiles and looks of accomplishment and satisfaction on the faces of the children were priceless. Over 30 parents attended and together with the 20 staff members enabled the students to have fun and be safe. There were many other schools present, and our students were the only group who wore helmets. We had to modify our rules of operation because of the breakdown of the large magic carpet lift. I stayed at the top of the lift watching as the little ones got off the chair. The first time up, I witnessed some looks of apprehension, but by the second and subsequent times the looks were that of glee and triumph.

The success of this event is due to the contribution and care of parent volunteers and staff. We are proud to say that for the third year in a row, this event was without injury or incident.

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December 17, 2015

A big thank you for your generosity on behalf of our sister schools in LaSalle who received our Holiday Food and Gift Baskets yesterday after our assembly.

Special appreciation to our parent volunteers who bought and wrapped the gifts, prepared the baskets, and delivered them yesterday.

The Korsos family was present at our assembly to receive the donation for Sandrine’s rehabilitation that was raised by students in November during our “Chewing for Charity” day and our staff auction. We presented them with a cheque for $2180. It was difficult for everyone to hold back the tears as Sandrine and her family came forward to receive the donation. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude for supporting their efforts in Sandrine’s rehabilitation.

As a special treat, we video recorded “Jingle Bells” in the gym at our assembly. We tweeted it out #CanadaCarols an initiative of PK Subban to bring holiday cheer to sick children across the country. If you don’t have a twitter account, google #CanadaCarols and scroll down until you find the Wilder Penfield video.

Special guests at the assembly were: Lucy Glave-Principal St. Lawrence Junior, Douglas Stewart-Principal St. Lawrence Senior, Kelly Walsh-Daycare Technician St. Lawrence Junior, Michael Chechille-Director General LBPSB, and Islay Melodie-my baby girl.

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November 2014

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, many LBPSB employees decided to raise awareness through a Shave and Save event. Board wide, over $61,000 was raised for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and over 25 employees shaved their heads.

At Wilder Penfield we raised a total of $681.45 (as of October 31). This was done through the generous donations of about 10 parents who witnessed the shaving event “live”, and through the donations of students on our “Wild Hat/Wild Hair Day” on Halloween. It is wonderful to see the generosity of children when it comes to donating. In grade one, a little boy said to me while I was going class to class collecting donations, “Mr. Massarelli, this dollar is the one the tooth fairy left under my pillow”.

A big thank you to all of the Wilder Penfield Community for participating in this event.

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Every year, Wilder Penfield School has a “Principal for the Day” contest. The 2013-2014 winner was Breagha Purdy, a grade 2 student. She had a busy day. It began with a meeting with her Regional Director, Tom Rhymes. She had to get his approval for the Frozen Yogurt treat and the extended recess. Breagha also managed to convince Mr. Rhymes to allow her to give students a “Homework Holiday” for the weekend.

Breagha also had to sign a few cheques, and approve the work that was being done by the Board electrician and carpenter (Pier-Paul and Yves).

The daycare technician had Breagha sign the payroll documents for the final pay of June.

All in all, a productive day for the new principal. Congratulations Breagha, the students think you are the best principal ever!

Breagha had another decision to make when she answered a mid-morning call with Regional Director, Tom Rhymes to consult on whether or not students would be venturing out for recess. Her reply, “If the rain lets up, I will let them go outside but if it stays like this they are staying in.” Ultimately, due to the rain, Breagha had to supervise the indoor recess. Mr. Rhymes commented, "I’m thinking she’s a keeper. We wish Mark the best in whatever career he chooses next!"